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Candidates With More Finance Experience Than Halimah Yacob Disqualified

In what is not an unexpected outcome on Monday, Halimah Yacob was the only candidate for the Reserved Election to be given the green light by the Presidential Elections Committee (PEC). By default, and since the other two candidates’ application to contest the election were rejected, Halimah Yacob will become Singapore’s 8th President. She qualifies because of her tenure as Speaker of Parliament from 2013 to August 2017. The other 2 candidates, Farid Khan and Salleh Marican, did not qualify because they were deemed to have not fulfilled the criterion of having managed a company of shareholder equity of at least $500m. The Elected President is supposed to be the “second key” to Singapore’s financial reserves, and he or she must thus possess substantial financial knowledge in order to carry out the constitutional duties of oversight. It is thus ironic that while the two men, who have more financial experience and expertise than Halimah Yacob, are disqualified from running, while Halimah Yacob is a shoo-in although she does not have the financial experience required to carry out the job of the Elected President. How do we know this? Consider her time spent as Speaker, and the budget of Parliament itself.…