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Tennis Elbow

Treatment Options for Tennis Elbow

Lateral epicondylitis or most commonly known as the “Tennis Elbow” is a painful state wherein the tendons are that can generate pain in the elbow and the arm. There are three bones make up your joint, first is the humerus, which is your upper arm bone. Then, the other two bones located in your forearm are called ulna and radius. What causes tennis elbow? This condition is usually due to repeating motions that can damage tendons and forearm muscles. It is usually due to overusing your muscles which are connected to the elbow that is used to set your wrist straight. If the tendons and muscles are tenses, inflammation can happen and production tiny tears that can develop on the exterior of your elbow. As the name implies, this condition does not only occur on people playing tennis but also to people who perform recurring hand or gripping actions. Tennis Elbow can occur in any person, but it’s usually prevalent on people at about 40 years old. What is the best treatment for tennis elbow? Luckily, there are already several tennis elbow treatment options in Singapore such as one offered at PhysioActive. Mostly, in addition to physical therapy, treatment…