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medical doctors examine patient x-ray

The Definitive Guide to Find a Doctor in Singapore in 5 Different Ways

Singapore has no shortage of health care providers, hospitals, doctors, pharmacies and health clinics in the country. Thanks to the efforts of the Ministry of Health and the public and private sector, the Singapore health care system has grown so much when it comes to medical science and technology, with patients not having to go out of the country to get high-quality and premium medical procedures and services. A lot of doctors in Singapore are highly trained as well, with a lot of them getting their education from abroad and coming back to contribute to the country what they’ve learned. Ironically, because of this, it may be confusing to a lot of people on how to find the exact doctor you need for your medical situation. In this article, I’ve listed for your convenience the different ways to find a doctor in Singapore. Through private GP clinics There are almost 1500 GP clinics across all of Singapore, and it’s very easy for citizens and residents to find a nearby GP clinic no matter where they are in the country. GP clinics are also less crowded compared to public or private hospitals, and a lot of them accept walk-in patients. These…