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I am against hate speech of all kinds: Sim Ann

The following is a reply from MP Sim Ann to Mrs Lina Chiam’s statement which we published here earlier.

I refer to the letter “Govt should change rhetoric on xenophobia” by Mrs Lina Chiam, NCMP of the Singapore People’s Party.

I believe Mrs Chiam is alluding to my article in the Straits Times, “Of Wrongful Pride and Prejudice”.

First, Mrs Chiam says I should have told readers what I thought of foreigners who use hate speech against Singaporeans. It is clear from my article that I am against hate speech of all kinds, regardless of target. This naturally includes hate speech directed at my fellow countrymen by foreigners.

Second, Mrs Chiam says that “the tenor of online voices is not all hate speech”. I quite agree. My point remains that hate speech is hate speech, and that we all have a choice as to whether to indulge in it. I think we should not. I trust Mrs Chiam will agree.

Sim Ann

Senior Parliamentary Secretary

Ministry of Education and Ministry of Law

MP for Holland-Bukit Timah GRC