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Gov’t reneges on ‘light touch’ promise statement on the MDA ruling:

“The new Internet ruling announced by the Media Development Authority (MDA) is symptomatic of a government which continues to be out of touch with the ground.

“The new rulings mark the government reneging on its promise of adopting ‘a balanced and light-touch approach’ to the Internet, as the MDA website claims.

“In this year’s Freedom of The Press report published by Freedom House, Singapore’s press freedom was rated ‘Not Free’ and was ranked 153rd in the world, tied with Afghanistan, Iraq and Qatar.

“We feel ashamed on behalf of all Singaporeans that MDA would introduce politically-motivated regulations that will surely put us even lower than these countries in subsequent rankings.

“We urge the Government to rethink these new regulations so that Singapore does not continue being a first-world country with third-world freedom for free expression.” editorial team