A survey by Blackbox, a research agency, in February has found that only 2% of Singaporeans feel the 4th generation (4G) leadership is “much better” than previous generation leaders.

“Leadership was very much a topic again in February, following Prime Minister Lee’s appearance on BBC’s flagship global interview show, ‘Hard Talk’,” Blackbox said. “In the wake of this, we asked Singaporeans how they feel the next generation of Singaporean leaders are shaping up.”

The survey also found that 40% felt the 4G leaders were “a little worse” or “much worse”, while 60% said they were “same”, “little better” or “much better”.

Those polled were asked:

“Compared to previous generations of Singapore leaders, would you say the upcoming leaders are…?”

The choices they were given and the results were:

  1. Same (49%)
  2. Little better (10%)
  3. Much better (2%)
  4. Much worse (14%)
  5. A little worse (27%)

Blackbox specialises in public policy, communications, institutional and stakeholder research.

Among its clients are government agencies and statutory bodies, market regulators, MNCs, international management consultancies, private equity firms, NGOs and local businesses.

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