Passion made possible? Sure anot?

Passion made possible? Sure anot?
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So, the Singapore Tourism Board (STB) is once again selling Singapore to the world. And if you do not know, the agency does a pretty good job in doing so, year after year. Just look at the number of tourists who set foot here, in ever-increasing number every year. So, kudos!

However, its effort this time round is… err… how shall we put it? It tries too hard.

For some inexplicable reason, its tagline for its campaign this time round is “Passion Made Possible”. It is, well, as pretentious as you can get, really. Also, there is a hint of a Nike rip-off. Impossible?

Well, to cut a long story short (and save you all the bad reviews since the campaign tagline was revealed), have a look at the promotional video, and see what you think.

This is what people in other countries will be seeing, and how they will form an impression of us here in Singapore.

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