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Aesthetic Doctors’ Preferred Eye Bag Removal Methods in Singapore

Eye bag removal treatment is common in Singapore. As people are becoming more conscious of their appearance, the removal of eye bags has become one of the most popular cosmetic procedures. However, there are many different treatments for removing eye bags, some of which are more effective than others.

In this article, we go over some general information about eye bag removal in Singapore, as well as diving deeper into some of the preferred eye bag removal methods of aesthetic doctors and plastic surgeons like Dr Wan from 1Aesthetics, Medical & Surgery. So without further ado, let’s get into the article.

What is eye bag removal?

Eye bag removal is when the bags under your eyes are removed or are treated in a way that they look less pronounced. This can be done by means of surgery, but there are also other options like injections or natural removal methods.

When do you need eye bag removal?

Eye bag removal is generally seen as a cosmetic procedure and is not covered by the insurance. That being said, if your eye bags are interfering with your vision, the procedure may be covered by your insurance.

Sometimes, the eye bags that form below the eyes can cause excess skin on the eyelid to become droopy. This can make your eyelids very heavy and can hinder your vision if left untreated.

When this is not the case, eye bag removal is considered completely cosmetic, and you should treat it that way too.

Costs of eye bag surgery in Singapore

The costs of eye bag removal in Singapore varies somewhat from one clinic to another. Sometimes there’s a difference in experience which may make one more expensive than the other, while other times you may be paying more for less important stuff like the location the clinic is in.

The average prices of eye bag removal in Singapore are somewhere in the range of $1500-$2500.

Who can apply for eye bag removal in Singapore?

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Anyone can apply for eye bag removal in Singapore and there are no limitations when it comes to age. However, it’s important that your body is able to recover from the operation and that the procedure is done in consultation with a doctor or medical professional.

The best results are seen in slightly younger individuals because their skin responds more positively to the treatment. That being said, eye bag removal is accessible to everyone in Singapore and great results are still seen with older patients.

What eye bag removal methods are used in Singapore?

There are many different kinds of eye bag treatments available in Singapore. A different treatment is used depending on the nature of the eye bag, as well as what causes it. In some cases, surgery isn’t needed and the eye bags can be treated through exercises or medication like muscle relaxers.

If an over-active lower eyelid muscle is to blame, a simple injection can help reduce the appearance of eye bags, as well as any symptoms that may have accompanied it. When this isn’t the case, it’s up to the patient to decide whether an operation is preferred, or they’d like to try more traditional and less invasive treatments.

This is a matter of preference but surgical treatments often provide the best and longest-lasting results.

Alternatively, filler injections can help make the skin seem younger and help to hide eye bags that are less severe. These injections are less expensive than an operation and will only help for a certain time until they will need to be reapplied.

Botox coupled with a skin tightening procedure works great when the eye bags aren’t all too large. However, if your eye bags are protruding heavily, surgery is often the most effective way of dealing with them.

How do eye bag removal operations work?

In Singapore, eye bag removal operations work in the same way as these procedures in other countries. You will be placed under local anaesthetic and the eye bags will carefully be cut away. Afterwards, it can take multiple weeks until the patient has made a full recovery.

For a procedure like this, the patient must be in good health. It is completed within a matter of hours so you will be able to leave the clinic on the same day if all goes well.

Alternatively, there are laser eye bag removal treatments that are a little less rough on the body. They work to remove the excess fat in the eye bag and tighten the skin.


hydrating eye patches

Depending on the treatment, recovery from eye bag removal can take anywhere from a few days to a few weeks. By following the aftercare instructions given to you by your surgeon you can prevent any complications from occurring after the operation.

After the operation, you will not be able to drive for at least a few days, and it’s best to rest for a few days while your eyes recover. After these initial few days, most patients go about their daily life as usual. The area will be fully healed within a matter of weeks.


Eye bag removal is a common procedure in Singapore, and there’s not much to be worried about. If you are experiencing trouble with your vision due to your eye bags, consult with a medical professional before getting the treatment as it may be covered by your insurance.

After your eye bag surgery, it will take a few weeks to fully heal. After this, you will be free from eye bags.