Sexual consent – the tea analogy

Sexual consent – the tea analogy
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In light of the recent public uproar over the case of American Joshua Robinson, it might be a good time to know what consent (to sexual intercourse) is.

You can read about Robinson’s case here, if you are not aware of it.

Consent is quite straightforward. When a person says no, he or she means no.

Or does she/he?

Some insist that consent is an ambiguous thing, or that it can be ambiguous.

Without going into the nitty gritty of the argument, perhaps we just need to keep in mind a few very simple rules.

Here is a short video from the Thames Valley Police department in the United Kingdom which explains plainly what you should do in such scenarios.

Basically, if a person says no, he or she means no.

Remember this rule: CONSENT IS EVERYTHING.

It’s a little like a person’s response to your question: “Would you like some tea?”