Talkshow host meets the Dalai Lama, and some strange things happen

Talkshow host meets the Dalai Lama, and some strange things happen
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It’s not often that a talkshow host, and a sometimes irreverent one at that, gets to sit down to chat with a spiritual leader. But when it does happen, it is worth spending a bit of your time to watch it.

John Oliver is an English comedian who currently hosts the “Last Week Tonight With John Oliver” show on HBO.

For his episode which was aired over the weekend, Oliver trudged all the way to meet with the Dalai Lama who resides in India, and asked him about his reincarnation plans (yes, there is a big issue about where the Dalai Lama would be reincarnated next, or if he is going to be reincarnated at all), and the situation with China.

If you are unfamiliar with the whole story – why the Dalai Lama had to flee his home in the 1950s, and why China insists on installing its own Panchen Lama, or what exactly is the Panchen Lama – no worries.

Oliver gives you a quick easy-to-understand rundown on the details before the segment on the interview.

Watch the two speak – irreverently  – about the hardliners in the Chinese government, why the Dalai Lama has chosen not to criticise the monks who self-immolate (146, so far), and why he might be the last Dalai Lama. And oh, also how the Dalai Lama “cured Mongolia of alcoholism by using horse milk.”