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The Quick and Easy Guide to SEO Costs in Singapore

If you’re a business owner and are looking for a great way to promote your product or service, then hiring a search engine optimization – SEO company in Singapore is a good idea. A lot of Singaporeans use the Internet on a daily basis, and usually, the first thing people do when looking for a certain product or service is to Google it. Seeing your business website on the top of the search results increases the chance that customers will visit it and eventually, convert these customers into regular clients. SEO also helps associate your business to certain keywords in your niche, which will assist in promoting your business through word-of-mouth.

One very important question you might have, however, is the costs of availing an SEO company’s services here in Singapore. Fortunately, enlightened us with details about the average costs of availing different SEO products and services so that you will be adequately prepared if and when you decide to hire an SEO company.

White Hat SEO vs Black Hat SEO – which should you choose?

White Hat SEO

White hat SEO comprises of several SEO strategies and practices that abide with best practices detailed by popular search engines. Google and Bing usually present a general idea to website owners and SEO companies on the best ways to increase a website’s rank in their search results. The name of the game in current SEO is providing quality content to users, and white hat SEO focuses on generating this quality content and giving them to website owners so that a search engine’s algorithm recognizes their website as a trusted content provider for the given keyword. Another white hat SEO practice is web design optimization and keyword research. If you see an SEO company Singapore that provides these services, then this is a good indicator that they practice white hat SEO.

White hat SEO is what most business owners want to avail. Besides the fact that they follow search engine best practices, these white hat SEO strategies are also the best way to penetrate search engine results pages (SERPs) without the risk of having your website getting banned by the search engine.

Black Hat SEO

The complete opposite of white hat SEO, black hat SEO consists of strategies that are considered bad practices by search engine websites. These practices aim to cheat or find loopholes in a search engine’s algorithm so that a website can rank up so much faster compared to white hat SEO. Some examples of black hat SEO practices include purchasing links on popular related websites, or by duplicating or plagiarizing the content of other websites. These practices were considered white hat many years ago, but Google and other search engines have caught on to these methods and have continually updated and improved their algorithms to penalize websites that use them.

Black hat SEO is not a recommended strategy because search engines have developed effective ways to detect if a certain website uses these methods. Although black hat SEO can quickly increase website traffic, search engines can potentially penalize your website or even outright ban your website from showing up in their SERPs when you avail of these services. Avoid companies that use black hat SEO like the plague.

SEO Pricing Models in Singapore

SEO Pricing Models

The cost of SEO services depends a lot on the company you are hiring. Bigger and more established companies will generally charge higher for their services, especially when they have the results to show for it. Although it might cost a little bit more to hire them, most of the time it’s a better choice as they should give you a better ROI (return of investment).

Nearly all SEO companies offer their services in packages, as opposed to having to purchase services individually. These packages are usually offered in different tiers, with higher tiers offering better and more services and products. For business owners that are just getting into SEO, it’s a good idea to start with a company’s most basic package to gauge whether or not their higher-tiered packages are worth it or not.

Basic SEO packages usually consist of keyword research, content optimization, website auditing and link building, which is enough for most startup business owners. Eventually, as the website ranks better in SERPs, you can always upgrade your package to achieve better website traffic and engagement.

SEO packages are usually sold as subscriptions, which requires that website owners pay a monthly or annual fee to continually avail of the SEO company’s services. This is done to ensure that there is a relationship of trust between the client and the SEO company, and also because SEO is a long-term investment since results can take months to improve.

Freelance SEO Packages ($250 to $500 monthly)

It’s not too hard to look for freelancers that specialize in SEO in Singapore. You can also hire freelancers based in other countries to get better prices, but without the advantage of regional experience. They usually offer very affordable rates compared to SEO companies and might be a great idea for small websites that are only looking for a way to market their products and services in a cheap, effective way. Make sure to avoid freelancers that employ black hat practices, as there are a lot of them. Big websites are harder to optimize for freelancers though, as they usually operate individually or as a small team.

Basic SEO Package from an SEO Company ($450 to $800 per month)

For bigger startups and websites that have had little or no SEO done yet, it’s a good idea to avail of an SEO company’s basic SEO package for at least 6 months to test the waters. The SEO company will usually start with a complete website audit to determine the best way to optimize the website and its rankings. After this, keyword research is done to determine the most searched keywords related to the website’s niche. For new websites with a ton of competition, the SEO company may try optimizing less popular keywords that are easier to rank up with at the start, then go from there. After identifying these keywords, the SEO company will then start with developing quality content, link building and website optimization to improve rankings.

Advanced SEO Package ($800+ per month)

SEO companies usually do not focus only on the search rankings, but also in digital marketing and increasing website traffic and engagement. In advanced and higher-tiered packages, these extra services are usually added on top of their basic SEO services to further increase the growth and popularity of a website. SEO companies will usually delegate SEO experts to focus on your website, as well as social media managers, content writers, website designers and managers.

Although I wouldn’t recommend availing of a higher-tiered package on the get-go, it could lead to big, quick payoffs for big websites that hire trusted and well-established SEO companies, especially those that specialize on your website’s niche.

Other Things to Take Note of

Besides the costs I’ve detailed above, there are a few important things to take note when hiring an SEO company or freelancer:

  • Maintenance or Retainer Fees ($200 to $3000 monthly) – These are fees charged by SEO companies as a form of the security deposit to discourage businesses or websites from availing services from rival SEO providers.

Website maintenance

  • Per-project Pricing – Some SEO companies offer their services on a project basis, which is a good idea for advertising one-time events such as an upcoming concert or convention.
  • Hourly Pricing – Freelancers often offer their services on an hourly basis, which might be a more flexible option for small businesses and websites.
  • Established SEO companies charge significantly more – Trusted SEO companies in Singapore can cost up to 3 times the average rate for their services. This is reasonable because the difference between the services of an experienced company versus a less established one can be night and day. For example, even if a big company charges 3 times more, they can increase a website’s rank 10 times more effective compared to a smaller SEO company.


SEO services offered by companies in Singapore are not cheap, and big websites often opt to hire their own SEO specialists to minimize costs. For smaller and newer businesses, it might be hard looking for an effective SEO specialist on their own, which is why hiring an SEO company is a more cost-effective strategy in the long run. However, it is undeniable that SEO has a significant impact on the success of any website’s marketing strategy, and nearly all popular website owners can attest that a big reason for their success can be attributed to good SEO.

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