These 4 videos show why you should not presume crossing at traffic light junctions is safe

These 4 videos show why you should not presume crossing at traffic light junctions is safe
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When the lights at traffic light junctions turn green for pedestrians to cross the road, we all presume that it is safe to do so. Well, not really. Over the past one week, 4 videos posted on the Beh Chia Lor Facebook page showed why you should always keep your eyes on the surrounding vehicular traffic as you use traffic crossings.

[“Beh chia lor” is Hokkien for “horse cart road”, a term derived from earlier days when horse carts ruled the roads.]

The 4 videos showed near-accidents, perhaps what would be fatal ones, as vehicles come close to knocking down pedestrians at traffic lights junctions.

But before you go placing the blame entirely on the vehicles or its drivers or riders, pedestrians too are sometimes at fault, as the video on a boy and an adult dashing across a zebra crossing shows.

The lesson here is: while the traffic lights may be in your favour, it does not mean you are 100 per cent safe. Always be alert.

And oh, put away that smartphone for those few seconds that you are crossing the road. It is not worth a lifetime of disability which you may have to deal with if you are knocked down; or even worse, to meet with a fatal accident.

Here are the videos [viewer discretion is advised]:

Watch how a cyclist had to suddenly pull the brakes as he makes a turn at a junction because pedestrians are crossing the road where they should not. 
In the above video, the driver of the car seems to be unaware of his blindspot and almost runs over a pedestrian.
Watch how a boy and an adult dash across the road recklessly, paying no attention to oncoming traffic at a zebra crossing.
The above accident happened at North Buona Vista Road on 28th July 2017. Fortunately, the woman seems to have escaped any serious injuries. A police report was made about the accident.