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Why You Should Choose Bespoke Tailoring Over Made-to-Measure Suits

Today’s market has an influx of ready-to-wear clothes. Suits, which were traditionally worn by only the wealthy group of people of specific trades and businesses, are made available on-the-rack, making them an easy choice for young professionals to wear especially in a business setting.

Despite this, purchasing a well-fitting suit is not as easy as everyone imagines. With plenty of selections to choose from (or the lack thereof), suit shopping can be overwhelming. Not to mention that sometimes, someone’s measurements seem to not fit the ready-made apparel up for grabs in the store. It is where bespoke and made-to-measure (MTM) suits come in.

Understanding the Difference

Choose Bespoke Tailoring

For those unfamiliar with tailoring, not knowing the difference between bespoke and MTM is understandable. Some will even say they are the same. In a sense, this is true as both are unique tailoring methods, and they require your specific measurement to make a suit. However, the similarities only end in these two points.

To put simply, MTM clothes are cut from a pattern that already existed but just altered to fit you and your body dimension. On the other hand, bespoke is the tailoring choice that is originally made for you and you alone. A bespoke pattern is hand-made and assembled from scratch so you have an option of making something your own unique style. As an entirely new pattern is made, an experienced tailor is necessary to make a proper bespoke suit, but this should not be a problem as it is easy to find a good tailor in Singapore, one of which is Graziaa.

Although bespoke suits can cost more than a made-to-measure one, many people still choose to have them for various reasons. Let’s highlight the few most important ones.

They are more Efficient

Shopping for suits is not an easy task but finding the one that perfectly suits you is an even more difficult feat. With a bespoke suit, you need not worry about going to and fro different places, in hopes of finding the one that suits and says you uniquely. You can directly go to a famed tailor and have your measurements taken, discuss your preferred styles and have the suit made precisely to your body shape. There is just no limit to what you can create with bespoke tailoring. It is also an ideal choice for people with deformities or those who want to hide imperfections.

Thousands of Fabric Choices

Made to measure tailoring offers a variety of fabric selections, but bespoke provides thousands of options. It is to make sure that the suit fits (literally) your style and lifestyle. Your tailor would be able to walk you through the different kinds of fabrics, which one is advisable for various situations and under specific conditions such as weather and temperature. While MTM is limited to only to one or two mills, while a bespoke has over ten. It makes customisation very easy.

Choosing fabric

You have Better Customisation Options

There is a reason why bespoke is considered the king of tailoring. With it, you are not limited to what is already existing – you can make your own. It is the best choice for people who are looking for a medium to channel their fashion style. You are not hindered on what feature or design you want to add to your suit. No matter how complicated the idea you want to convey, you can make it in your suit. It will always be one of a kind.

They have Better Fittings

To get the perfect bespoke fit, multiple fittings are required. Everything will be accounted for, even the littlest detail. This makes sure that your suit perfectly fits you under any circumstance, no matter your posture or stance. The precision of a bespoke suit is unparalleled. It gives you a chance to make adjustments whenever necessary. If you gain a little weight, your outfit to be altered easily. Because of this as well, your tailor will have the ability to tailor your suit according to your personality and meet your general clothing needs as you are more likely to become good acquaintances after meeting several times.

It is obvious why more people like bespoke suits rather than made-to-measure ones. They provide more self-expression, and they are likely to help build your persona rather than just the pre-existing and traditional styles available for purchase. The difference in price might be a turn off for many, but there is plenty of good suit tailors in Singapore who can provide a favourable price quotation without sacrificing the quality.

So, are you ready to get your first bespoke tailoring experience? Head on over to Graziaa’s tailor store at 16 Raffles Quay, #B1-03 The Basement, Hong Leong Building or give them a call at +65 9147 5361 for an experience you won’t forget! Having a suit or any other type of clothes made just for you will change the way you look and think about clothing.