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Women’s Clinics in Singapore: Signs of a Good Clinic

Knowledge about gynaecology is important for women of every age. One should know when the right time is to visit a clinic. Women’s clinics in Singapore like PK Women’s Clinic, deal with a wide range of gynae issues including menstruation, pregnancy, sexually transmitted infections, hormonal imbalance, and fertility issues. A well organized and jovial-looking platform is ideal, it not only keeps a woman light-hearted but also builds trust between the patient and the doctor, which is fruitful for both individuals.

Why Is It Important to Visit a Gynae Clinic?

Most women don’t just hang back talking openly about their sexual problems or reproductive health concerns. It feels different to them which may result in a worse situation. To avoid any hazard, one should visit a gynae clinic without being shy about it.

You Will Know More About Yourself

Are you the one who experience an irregular period? Or do you think your maternal condition is not up-to-the-mark? Do your mood swings get worse? To all the problems there is one solution, that is, visit a gynae clinic as soon as possible. They will help you understand your body and yourself a little better. Gynaecologists know how to deal with such issues, and you are the one who wants a cure, don’t you?

Helps in Moderate Discussion

Discussion with Gynecologist

When there is a discussion between same-sex, it automatically gets less strict and moderate. So, when you have gotten an opportunity, go easy, ask everything! The experts can answer any query from birth control to menstruation, to hormonal imbalance, maternal period, vaginal discharge before and after your period, weakness, or any other health concern you might have.

Helps in Stopping Unusual Complication

When you visit a gynaecology clinic and keeps a track of possible issues then you can stop unusual complications instantly. Once said “Prevention is better than cure” and it surely is.

Signs of a Good Women’s clinic:

A gynaecologist is a doctor of women, which deals in the reproductive systems of women. Likewise, a woman is delicate and requires special supervision, a clinic must be competent to meet these requirements. The following are few yet salient points/signs of a good women’s clinic in Singapore.

A Friendly Doctor

Dr PK Tan, a gynaecologist in Singapore at PK Women’s Clinic, says that the doctor is the foundation of any hospital or clinic. When it comes to being a good gynaecologist, one should be subtle, sensitive, and sympathetic, naturally. A good-natured doctor makes women feel comfortable to just hang back and talk openly about their sexual problems or reproductive health concerns to make.

Sterilized Equipment

Hygiene has to be the top priority issue because when you are dealing with female genital organs, perfect sanitation is a must, otherwise, there is a huge risk of spreading disease and infecting patients. So, if a clinic does not give attention to the sterilization of the equipment properly it would be harmful to their female patients and for the clinic itself.

Benefits of Sterilization:

  • It eliminates all sorts of dirt like blood, vaginal unusual discharge, pus, or any harmful particle.
  • It reduces the number of bacteria.
  • Breeding grounds can be removed.
  • Reduces the danger risks.
  • It is economically helpful.

Equipment Sterilized

Methods of Sterilization:
You can sterilize your equipment by:

  • Steaming
  • Dry heat
  • Chemical powders or liquids
  • Plasma gas method
  • Vaporized hydrogen peroxide aka VHP method

Respecting Privacy

It is understandable that a woman of any age could feel shy and reserved while being uncovered from the bottom half during the examination. Which is why every women’s clinic, especially the best ones, focus so much on respecting their patients’ privacy and keeping it a top priority. By doing so not only does the clinic grow as a business but this also develops a sense of trust and women will feel a lot more comfortable and would visit the clinic more often.

Do Not Mishanlde Her

Women of every age are sensitive, especially when dealing with sexual problems and hormonal imbalance issues. A good gynaecologist would handle her properly and with care. So, make sure the clinic you decide to visit has efficient and well-organized staff which doesn’t treat the patients like objects.

Enough Beds and Equipment

Imagine there are 5 patients and 3 beds, who would you prefer to be get treated? A good clinic makes sure that they have sufficient amount of beds and a schedule that allows for everyone to be treated and checked out as soon as possible, preferably right on time whenever their scheduled appointment is set. Good organization is among the main factors that set the best gynae clinics apart from the rest.

Keep all those factors in mind when looking for the best gynae clinic for you. They should make you feel comfortable enough to talk about everything pregnancy, martial life, unusual bleeding, unusual vaginal discharge, and anything else that might concern you.

If you’re looking for a gynaecology clinic in Singapore, whether for your first gynaecology exam or not, my personal recommendation is to schedule a meeting with Dr PK Tan from PK Women’s Clinic, the contact details are below.

PK Women’s Specialist Clinic @ The Venue

Address – 2, Tai Thong Crescent, #01-12. The Venue Shoppes., Singapore 347836

Phone – +65 6636 9909